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Meratus Vision
To contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the Indonesian society, economy, and its people by inspiring next generations to become outstanding trained transport professionals dedicated and loyal to Customers and committed to our motto “Deliver What We Promise”.

Meratus Mission
To be the market leader in Indonesia in managing a high performing, efficient, agile, and integrated transport businesses in Container, Dry Bulk, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Terminal businesses and Joint Ventures in order to be the First Choice for Reputable National and International Customers, for Talented People, Employment, and for Third Parties for Partnering.

Meratus Strategy
We will realize our mission by operating at the highest productivity level, meeting the highest standards in Quality, Safety, and Reliability, having optimal trained staff who are open for feedback and change, and to continuously improve our Customer Services and Partnering Capabilities through Customer & Partner Feedback, Innovation, and Technology. It is our strategy that each individual person at Meratus, at land and sea, is able to successfully execute our mission through Passion, Training, and Mindset.

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